We believe
in people

We believe in the genius of every person and their ability to produce greatness, together with the collective power of teams. We believe that self-respect and confidence are the stepping stones to progress in a world where so many people come from marginalised backgrounds. Our development and investment approaches create the safe spaces needed for people to dream.

Talmar is a force for good that endeavours to enforce the notion that human worth is inherent, and not a factor of perceived status. As enablers for growth, we create awareness of stakeholders’ inherent liberty to choose who they will become. Our development and investment strategies create enabling environments that make transformation possible.

We believe in perseverance – in inclusive, sustainable development through excellence, passion and dedication, driven by a strong moral compass and characterised by benefaction, truth and fairness. Our pragmatic approach is meaningful to engagement and implementation results in support structures that stand the test of time.


Our word is our bond,
and of utmost value.