The Impact

Our approach is:


Premised on the concept of integration of the ecological, social and economic contexts of any project


The complexities of integrated development necessitates meaningful participation of and partnership between a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups


Built on the understanding that sustainable, inclusive development and the creation of truly material impact is not a short-term activity

We offer a range of services at every stage of the project development lifecycle, with our preference being that of involvement throughout the entire project, taking projects from idea to impact.

From Idea
to Impact

Our Operating Principles

Solid applied economics

To ensure long-term viability of projects

A practical approach

Applying the ability to successfully merge top quality analysis and planning, with practical day-to-day implementation of strategies

Contextual understanding

Allowing accurate and streamlined project development

In-depth engagement and consultation

Ensuring accurate alignment of projects to local context

Relational approach

Promotes long-term involvement to ensure successful implementation and longevity of projects

Active collaboration with all stakeholders

To support, strengthen and scale existing and new initiatives

Consistent and effective communication

To accurately represent the client, and empower local stakeholders with understanding and awareness of changes and progress

The pursuit of multipliers

Long-term support systems and economic linkages as sustainability mechanisms

Long-term involvement

Ensuring effective day-to-day operations and increased ROI