Human Dignity

It is my privilege to introduce Talmar. The company was established in 2011, built on the vision to become the most influential private social and economic development company in the world. Our end-goal is to contribute to achieving equality and large-scale sustainable economic empowerment in the developing world, and through sustainable business also contribute to the regeneration of social and natural capital.

We are extremely excited to share our offering with the world, and are confident that in partnership with our valued clients, we will develop solid, sustainable and relevant ventures that stand the test of time. We strive to achieve the highest possible levels of quality in our service, and through this, aim to significantly contribute to the preparation, planning and implementation of value-creating projects across the developing world.

At Talmar, we believe that although economic activity has served as the greatest cause of ecological destruction and social inequality, it also serves as a foundational enabler for growth, restoration, equality and human dignity. As such, the company endeavours to develop a flourishing and empowered bottom-based economy, that advances the concepts of global social and economic equality, supported by vigorous natural environments.

I look forward to our engagements.

Yours truly,
Leon Taljaard
Founder and Executive Director Talmar