Human Oriented

Talmar specialises in the allocation of impact-focused investment and funding and the management of impact projects across Africa. We are experts in matching conscious investment and funding with high-potential greenfield projects across the continent – realising profitability coupled with significant and measureable social and ecological returns.

Our innovative, hands-on approach to investment management, project design and development ensures a diverse and vibrant impact project pipeline. This is the culmination of years of implementing investable, impactful and integrated socio-economic development projects in African markets, serving private philanthropists, corporate clients, government, international development finance institutions and private investors.

As a truly African firm, Talmar is committed to true empowerment, through purposeful, profitable and scalable development in Africa.


Talmar’s mission is to serve the developing world with:

Shared Value
True Empowerment

TalmarSD photo
bioboertie @CoetzeeBertie
Motlao Mokgobi and Bruno Booysen in our relay cropping cereal rye / pumpkin field. Both students from Potch college of agric and Motlao has just finished her year long internship and Bruno just started. Thanks Motlao for your positive attitude and all the best for your future!

Partnering to develop systemic rehab solutions for the Roodeplaat Dam. ⁦ @Living_Lands TalmarSD photo

Anthropologist Steve working his magic. Thanks for great work man! TalmarSD photo